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Scholarship puts dreams
within reach

When he was accepted to Tulane University School of Medicine, Hugh "Glenn" Barnett II, MD, knew that the cost of tuition might prevent him from attending the prestigious school. But a doctor who graduated almost five decades earlier, Julian Hawthorne, MD, had established a bequest for scholarships that put Barnett's dreams within reach.

Hugh "Glenn" Barnett II, MD and his wife, Karen.
Hugh "Glenn" Barnett II, MD, and his wife, Karen

Now, on the occasion of his own 50th reunion, Barnett (A&S '64, M '68, I '69, F '70, R '76) and his wife, Karen, have made a generous gift to the legacy of Julian Hawthorne (M '20), whose scholarship continues to give deserving future physicians the power to follow their own dreams by attending Tulane School of Medicine.

"If not for the Hawthorne scholarship, I would probably not have been able to attend Tulane School of Medicine," said Barnett. "Tulane was a wonderful opportunity. The education and training I received prepared me for a satisfying and productive career in neurosurgery."

Over the years, Hawthorne's scholarship award has been instrumental not only in Barnett's life but in the lives of so many Tulane medical students. Eight Hawthorne scholarships were awarded in the 2017-18 academic year alone.

While he was a medical student, Barnett attended a scholarship reception where he and fellow award recipients met Hawthorne's wife, Agnes, an event that highlighted for him the personal impact of giving.

Barnett is elated to bring Hawthorne's generosity full circle through his recent gift, which will make the Hawthorne scholarship even more powerful.

"I hope our gift helps students who are doing well but might not be able to attend Tulane otherwise," Barnett said. "Tulane was a great experience for me, and it's a very good feeling to share with others."—Mary Sparacello

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