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Growing up in a multi-cultural family and living around the world at a young age, pediatric resident Dr. Monika Dietrich always knew that international healthcare would be important to her medical training. Her dream has become a reality at Tulane School of Medicine.

Dr. Monika Dietrich
Dr. Monika Dietrich

"I really get a lot out of travelling," says Dietrich. "I love the challenges that come from working with populations that need more help."

She recently travelled to Ethiopia, where she worked to set up an international Grand Rounds between the Tulane Department of Pediatrics and pediatric residents at an Ethiopian hospital.

"I'm really interested in aiding countries through non-clinical medical efforts," says Dietrich. "I'm getting a great education and I want to help others learn those same things. If I can help them get education, I think that's how you can make a huge change."

While she was in Ethiopia, Dietrich organized faculty and residents in New Orleans to present to the Ethiopian residents through teleconference.

Dr. Monika Dietrich
Dr. Monika Dietrich and friend at a hospital in Ethiopia

"Dr. [Samir] El Dahr from Tulane presented a case on a child with kidney disease," says Dietrich. "It was fabulous and I think the Ethiopian residents really learned a lot."

Dietrich says the partnership is beneficial for both sides. New Orleans physicians are able to learn about patients and pathology from Ethiopia that they would otherwise never see, while the Ethiopian physicians have access to sub-specialty doctors, such as El-Dahr, a pediatric nephrologist. 

Dietrich is able to do this international work because of the Tulane RIGHT (Resident Initiative in Global Health) program, which provides skills and training to residents interested in a career path in global health.

"I am so grateful for the RIGHT program because they developed a structured program for residents to have these opportunities," says Dietrich. "It's so beneficial to have these established relationships across the globe." 

The RIGHT program is funded by the Piper Global Health Fund. If you are interested in supporting the RIGHT program, click here.

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